Mandala Integrative Veterinary Care

Holistic Veterinary Care in Boulder

Mandala Integrative Veterinary Care (MIVC) is a veterinary practice for dogs and cats located in the foothills west of downtown Boulder, Colorado. Dr. Kelly Keeney specializes in integrative and holistic veterinary medicine with a focus on balanced, preventative and individualized veterinary care.

Comprehensive Physical Examination

A thorough physical examination is the most important part of your pet's medical care. Dr Keeney will carefully examine all of your pet's body systems from both a Western and Chinese medical perspective. She will spend time reviewing medical records and/or pertinent medical history, and carefully assess your pet's diet, lifestyle and behaviors.  Dr. Keeney places a large emphasis on holistic preventative medicine, and she will make wellness recommendations tailored to your pet's individual needs and constitution.


Depending on your pet's situation, Dr. Keeney may recommend diagnostic procedures such as bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal testing or cytology.  In many cases it is possible to collect these samples without needing to go elsewhere.  However, in some cases, Dr. Keeney may refer you to her affiliate clinic, Boulder's Natural Animal, to have samples drawn or more extensive procedures or diagnostics performed. 


Dr. Keeney can perform limited non-emergency medical procedures such as vaccinations, deworming, skin scrapes/aspirates, anal gland expression, administration of subcutaneous fluids, and wound cleaning.  She works closely with an excellent local affiliate practice that has the equipment and staff to more effectively and safely perform involved procedures she doesn't perform at her location.


A key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that stimulates specific points throughout the body with placement of needles to treat a wide variety of conditions. Click here to learn more.

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal therapy is an important and powerful part of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.  Herbs are used most commonly as an adjunct to acupuncture treatment. After doing a thorough Chinese Medical evaluation, Dr. Keeney may prescribe an herbal formula specific to your pet's individual needs.

Western Herbs and Essential Oils will be integrated as additional treatment modalities in the upcoming months. Dr. Keeney is currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine. She is also certified in Rocky Mountain Field Botany and Wildcrafting, enabling her to make more of her own medicines and individual formulas for patients.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) is a non-surgical approach to spinal disease and lameness in animals. Also known as Veterinary Neuronal Integration Technology, this technique uses a hand-held spinal accelerometer to offer a non-invasive, non-painful healing modality to release neurophysiological obstructions via spinal adjustments.

Compassionate Euthanasia

The decision to euthanize a beloved pet is always very difficult.  As hard as the choice is to make, it can offer a gentle and loving end to our pet's suffering. When the time comes, Dr. Keeney can help to support you in this important decision-making process and help to ensure that your loved one's passing is peaceful and painless. 

In the event that Dr. Keeney is not available, you may need to seek other home euthanasia or hospice support in the Boulder area. If the need arises, you can reach out to the following practices for support:

Dr. Jason Cordeiro - One Last Gift- 720-432-4579
Home to Heaven-  970-412-6212

Please note, Dr. Keeney is not equipped to deal with most emergencies.  She makes every attempt to be available if an urgent situation arises with one of her patients, but please seek care at an emergency veterinary hospital if you feel your pet needs immediate care.

Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic- nights, weekends, and holidays
1658 30th Street Boulder CO 80301

Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center- 24/7
3640 Walnut Street Boulder CO 80301

Pet Poison Hotline- 888-426-4435